Focused on innovation and quality, KAPSOLO designs and manufacturers privacy filters.

Founded in 2019 in Copenhagen with a mission to protect people from visual hacking. KAPSOLO manufacturers in Germany is the only provider of all technologies; 2-way, 4-way plug in and adhesive, magnet solutions, gold filters and anti-glare screen protection. Unlike most other filters in the market, KAPSOLO uses finest raw material from JAPAN and protects the device not only from left/right angle but also top/bottom, 4-ways. Most filters available in the market cover only standard area of the screen, KAPSOLO guarantees “edge to edge” solutions, meaning filters do not only cover the standard reading area, but covers entire screen including black shadow/space (frameless screen) areas as well corners – We call it “edge to edge” and would not compromise. Another critical aspect is the availability, KAPSOLO’s finest mission is to ensure that any device can be protected against visual hacking and hereby also secure that user is GDPR compliant. We have created world’s most comprehensive privacy screen protecting range supporting all screen sizes from small Smart Phones over Tablets, Notebooks to larger screen sized Monitors – KAPSOLO supports any brand – any model – any size and we make sure our channel partners deliver within 10 days across Europe. As mentioned in above section, The KAPSOLO Product Finder identify the Privacy Filter you need in seconds, no need to measure, send emails, or make any phone calls, simple enter free text or model in the Product Finder / configurator and your KAPSOLO filter is ready – “edge to edge” obviously.

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